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Main services

  • Server side PHP web development ( LAMP stack )
  • Frontend web solutions ( Modern HTML and CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Vue.js )
  • Mobile first web applications ( RWD and mobile web solutions )
  • Hosting recommendations ( AWS, VPS, shared or dedicated server hosting packages )
  • E-commerce web solutions

21. century web development

Progressive web applications (PWAs)

If your web application still isn't optimized for smaller devices, or you do not have a native mobile app that connects to your web content, you might think about building a PWA instead of investing time and money on building a separate native mobile application for Android or IOS systems. So, rather than building two applications, you develop your website as a PWA for a better interaction with mobile platforms. PWAs are actually not a new thing anymore, but still there is a vast number of websites out there that are not PWA.

SPAs – single page applications

SPA is another tool that will continue to grow in near future of web development. Browsing online through multiple page websites is outdated compared with a SPA architecture. One page that injects a single component based on users request will beat classic website arhitecture any day of the week. Main advantage of SPA is that it provides faster load time, since only the required content on the page gets updated instead of reloading the entire page.

IOT – the Internet of Things

More and more devices are becoming active and connected on the IOT. Majority of these devices will somehow be (or are) connected to some sort of external application. So in the future we will see many IOT devices like smartmeters and GPS systems connected with different web API-s and web applications which in turn, will have to adapt their UI-s and data processing tools to this new reality. IOT web development will have to deal with huge volumes of data, communication layers, security issues, and so on. But it is here.

AI in web development

AI technology is, and will enable more so in the future, web app enrichments like chatbots, voice based search, marketing data realtime analysis, facial recognition, and customer behavior predictions. This is a very exiciting new aspect of web development that will redefine the way web applications interact with the end user. AI will enhance user experience by improving data analysis that will get to know customer behavior at intimate level.