About me


After I switched career paths in 2016. and headfirst jumped into the world of web design and eventually web development and I didn't look back. Except developing websites, debugging database SQL queries and data analysis is one my less favorite skills but also, very often, one of the most necessary invisible tasks in web development. Modern web development is more and more geared towards using API's, PWA-s and web components, and this is something that I'm paying close attention to these days. One of my goals as a professional is to connect web design and web development in a single know-how-to-do-it tool set so I could provide the best possible full-stack service for my clients.

Tools and technologies I use in my work most of the time:

Web design

  • HTML and CSS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Figma

Web development

  • PHP - procedural and OOP
  • JavaScript - vanilla JavaScript and jQuery
  • SQL - MySQL distributions
  • No SQL databases - MongoDB
  • Version control - Git and GitLab

CMS applications and frameworks I use or have used

You can contact me at: